Celebration of Tagajo Castle 1300 Tagajo, which was founded in 724 in Kamikamemoto (724), celebrated 1300 years in 2024. 2024/01/01


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What is the 1300th Anniversary Project?​

The name of Tagajo City was established in the first year of the Jinki era, in the year 724 AD, and it served as the location where the provincial government of Mutsu Kokufu was established. It derives its name from "Tagajo," which flourished as the political and cultural center of ancient Tohoku.
The name Tagajo can also be interpreted as "Joyful Castle". Legend has it that this castle was constructed to foster peace in Tohoku and is believed to be one of the factors behind the naming of Miyagi Prefecture.

"The Beginning of Miyagi, the Beginning of Tohoku"—Tagajo embodies both. In 2024 (Reiwa 6), we will celebrate its 1300th anniversary.

Considering Tagajo's history since its establishment, we recognize the dedication of our ancestors, reflecting on the presence of today's Tohoku.Together, we celebrate the 1300th anniversary of Tagajo's founding, sharing the joy and inspiration among us all. By sharing that joy and excitement with everyone, we nurture seeds to create a fulfilling life for the future, as it is the only way to experience the value that can only be felt in that moment.

Learn from the past, gaze upon the present, create the future.
"Tsunagu, Tsunageru. 1300 years."

Based on this philosophy, we have developed a wide array of cultural programs that will serve as the coverstone for the development of Tohoku. Our aim is to further enhance the unique value and regional vitality of Miyagi and Tohoku.

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History of Tagajo



Iris Festival

Tagajo 1300th Anniversary Commemoration Project
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100 Days Until the 1300th Anniversary of the Founding of Taga Castle!
Let's All Celebrate the 1300th Anniversary of Taga Castle!
We Look Forward to Your Participation.

Campaign period
Sunday, October 1, 2023 10:00-Thursday, November 30, 2023 23:59
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Commemorative goods


Celebrate the 1300th anniversary of Tagajo, goods that color and excite are produced one after another.
The first one is the original craft beer "Iyashikeyogoto". Amber ale made of ancient rice from Tagajo and honey collected in Tagajo City. Please enjoy it.

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The second one is gold, which has a historical connection with Tagajo. We will deliver commemorative gold as a sign of the joy of celebrating the 1300th anniversary of Tagajo and hope for the future.
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